Mark Croft Golf Academy

Yuma, Arizona

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Mark Croft Golf Academy and Golf School
The Only Golf Academy and Golf School in Yuma, Arizona

"I will show you in just a few short minutes how to improve your golf game, never change your swing and change your mind on how you play better golf forever." Mark Croft...


Mark is recognized by the PGA of America and his peers for his outstanding accomplishments in teaching the game of golf  to all ages and abilities.  Mark's teaching philosophy is simple, easy to understand and a very relaxing approach to learning or improving your golf game. Mark strongly believes that every student should swing their own swing and be comfortable in their own skin as far as how they swing their club and play the game of golf. 

"I have taught thousands of people how to play the game of golf. My greatest success has been based on the philosophy that I encourage each student to swing the club in a way which is most comfortable for them. Over 90% of all students who come to see me for golf lessons are really not concerned about their swing, as much as they are concerned and frustrated with the direction and flight of their golf ball. Direction and ball flight are very simple things to improve and a student should not have to change his or her golf swing in order to accomplish better direction and better ball flight."

Mark has the unique ability to listen and communicate with his students in a simple and easy to understand teaching style that has helped thousands and continues to help thousands more. Mark's students, both men and women have won many local, state and regional golf tournaments including  appearances at four USGA National Championships and one PGA National Championship. 

Whether you want to be a champion or just play better golf- the Mark Croft Golf Academy is the place to learn.

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" I would rather be learning golf at the Mark Croft Golf Academy"

"Thank you for making Mark Croft Golf the #1 golf learning experience in Yuma"








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