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Mark Croft and Manuel de la Torre

       Understanding the

        Golf Swing, 2001

by Manuel de la Torre


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2019 Southwest PGA Player Development Coach of the Year
"Learn from the BEST, play your BEST"

Teaching Philosophy & History

“Mark offers one of the finest teaching and learning programs in the nation for juniors and women’s golfers” PGA Magazine March issue 2008...

In March of 2008, PGA Magazine published an article about Mark Croft and his teaching the game of golf to juniors and women. In that article PGA Magazine defined the program as one of the finest in the nation. In 2009 PGA Magazine published another article hailing his success in teaching the game of golf to players of all levels. In 2009 Mark was awarded the honor of  Southwest Section PGA Junior Leader of the Year for his achievements in teaching and growing the game for junior golfers. In 2010 Mark was the PGA Professional presenter at the SWSPGA Teaching and Coaching Summit, where he instructed other PGA Professionals on how to effectively teach Junior Golf. In 2019 Mark was named the SWPGA  Player Development Award for outstanding work in creating new golfers and inspiring passed golfers to return to the game. In 2019 Mark also awarded the SWPGA Patriot Award for his coaching and instructing Veterans with adaptive needs. 


“Everything I know and teach concerning the golf swing is from my education and understanding of the golf swing, importance of communication with the student and clearly understanding and helping every student achieve their golf objectives. These great qualities and attributes were taught to me by two of the greatest teachers of the 20th and 21st century, Manuel de la Torre and the writings of Ernest Jones.” 


Manuel and Mark have been friends for 20 years and fellow golf professionals who love to teach the game of golf. Ernest Jones was Manuel’s teacher and mentor of his understanding of the golf swing just as Manuel has been Mark’s teacher and mentor of understanding the golf swing. 


Ernest Jones was the greatest golf instructor of his time. His tiny little Manhattan golf studio was forever booked one year in advance and not even the greatest amateur to ever play the game, Bobby Jones could cut in line to get a golf lesson from one of the greatest teachers of the 20th century. Jones’s approach to the golf swing was so simple and easy to understand that both professional and amateur players from around the world would come to learn in awe and leave with a greater understanding of their swing and their potential. 


Manuel de la Torre is one of the most respected golf teachers in the world. He is presently ranked #16 in world and top 10 in the United States as a Teaching Professional and has been inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame and the Golf World Hall of Fame. Manuel’s teaching philosophy is easy to understand and works for players at every level. Manuel's book "Understanding the Golf Swing" is in its' third edition. If you are an avid golfer and a avid reader- buy this book. It will change how you think about your golf swing forever.


Carol Mann, Ladies Professional Golf Association member, and LPGA Hall of Fame inductee is one of Manuel’s many successful professional students, but Manuel’s love of the game remains in teaching the game of golf to amateurs and teaching golf professionals the correct way to teach the game of golf. Manuel’s teaching method makes learning the golf swing so simple and enjoyable that students feel refreshed and confident when they leave the lesson tee. Manuel and Mark’s relationship and respect for one another in teaching the game of golf is unique, fresh and a tremendous opportunity for you. The Jones-De la Torre method works for all players at any level. If you are a beginner or want to win the next US Open Mark will help you meet those goals with an affordable and pleasurable golf learning experience. 


Mark Croft Golf offers a unique learning opportunity based on the principles of these great Professionals and their teachings. Your learning experience will be far and beyond any traditional golf lesson experience you have ever tried. Mark's commitment to you and your goals are based on what you want to accomplish, not what someone thinks you should accomplish.

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