Mark Croft Golf Academy
         Yuma, Arizona

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Student Testimonials

Mark Croft Golf Academy at the Las Barrancas Golf Complex

Mitch L.                 "I had lost my way and my golf swing"

Yuma, Az

                                "When I 1st turned to Mark I was an average golfer who had lost my way & my golf swing.  I was afraid to draw the club back.  I took a series of 5 lessons.  The lessons completely broke down the bad habits I had gotten into and replaced them with simple basics of the golf swing.  In no time I was hitting the ball on the face of the club.  I suggest the 5 lesson series so each week you can reinforce the previous week along with move forward to a different aspect of the swing".

Anita T. P             “My frustration level decreased”

Yuma, Az              

                              “I started to attempt to play golf in 1999 at the age of 56.  With the aid of my husband and various friends I was thoroughly frustrated.  I started to take lessons from Mark and tried to forget everything I had been instructed by others.  The method was very simple.  My frustration level decreased and I tuned out everyone who tried to "help".  I was so impressed.  I was positive that there were other ladies who wanted to play golf but were also frustrated.  Mark agreed to do a group training session.  He also set aside a day and time period (tee times) that these ladies and myself could go out and play a short round of golf.  We practiced what we had learned and went back to Mark for more lessons.  Some moved on to joining ladies golf clubs.  Mark made a suggestion, "if you know the rules of golf  you will enjoy the game even more."  A simple suggestion a simple training method opened a whole new world of GOLF for many women.  If someone makes a statement about having trouble with their golf game I simply say you need to take a lesson from Mark Croft”.


Brandon C             “My handicap has dropped”

Yuma, Az              

                              "I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for helping me out with my game. Since I began working with you this year I have a much more consistent golf game than I've ever had before. My handicap has dropped from an 8.8 back in June to a 5.7 which is where I'm currently at. It's amazing how much only a few lessons has turned my game around in 5 short months. I honestly didn't think I would be able to get my game back to where it used to be but with your help I feel like I'm there and golf is actually fun again. I look forward to continuing to work with you and look forward to cutting off a few more strokes on my handicap. Thanks again".


Joanne F                “Mark is truly a coach of excellence”

Yuma, Az              

                              "I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for helping me out with my game. Since I began Mark Croft has been a great coach and friend to our family for the past 6 years. His commitment with Kody, our son (14 years) has really impacted his desire to become a professional golfer. Kody has learned the golf swing technique from both Mark Croft and Manuel De La Torre.  I believe it is the reason Kody has graduated to shooting par this year. Mark is truly a coach of excellence and it speaks volumes through the growth of each junior golfer he works with".


Mike & Sally H       “We give this guy 5 out of 5 stars”

Yuma, Az              

                              "About 2 weeks ago my husband and I took a brush-up lesson with Mark. We are both mediocre golfers. Mark did nothing to change our swing, he simply showed us how to make the most of our swing. We give this guy 5 out of 5 stars. Looking forward to some lower scores soon".


John S                   “I just started playing the game of golf”

Alberta, CA           

                              "I just started playing the game of golf. I have taken 2 lessons with Mark and he has given me simple ideas that I have been able to apply to my swing and I am seeing good improvement. My friends are commenting on how much better I am playing and I am having more fun than ever playing golf now."